#OtakuKaKung Now Trending on Twitter

Ever thought of tweeting what it’s like to be an otaku? If you’re an otaku, or otherwise known as an anime and manga fan, I’m sure you can relate to the perks of being one. There’s so much to explain what makes me an otaku more than my tweets and retweets (RTs) can describe. All I say is I know I am. So there you go!

Translation: #YouKnowYoureAnOtakuIf oh well. I know I’m an otaku. What else? XD
Translation: #YouKnowYoureAnOtakuIf you’ll try to trend this hashtag. BOOM.

So go ahead and trend it! 😉

DISCLAIMER: #OtakuKaKung literally means #YoureAnOtakuIf. But it’s better translated saying #YouKnowYoureAnOtakuIf since it makes more sense (and sounds better).

Translation: #YouKnowYoureAnOtakuIf you’ve experienced being traumatized when Shinji merges with Rei in End of Evangelion. Lol :”>

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