One day at The Maya’s Kitchen..

Just when I thought of taking a baking class. I’ve always been involved in arts and music, my earliest passions in life, and thought of moving to a new direction where I can explore new interests such as culinary arts. I told myself that it would serve me in the future especially when moving away from parents, getting married and having my own family. My undeniable love for desserts also drove me to learn baking. I’ve been looking for a prestigious short baking course that’s worth my experience and to my luck, end up attending basic baking courses at The Maya’s Kitchen.

It is definitely one of the best courses I’ve been to. I’m not only referring to culinary arts courses but to courses in different areas. I’ve lived my life studying several courses such as voice, guitar, piano, charcoal painting, life coaching and personality development, theater acting workshops, and now, basic baking. It is my first time studying a culinary related course and the basic baking from Maya’s already satisfied me. I learned how to bake a variety of delicacies (bread, cakes, pastries, cookies..) and a few tips to bake them more effectively as to provide good taste, texture and appearance. Here are the snapshots taken during the demo and the hands-on.

The “mis-en-place”, wherein the bakers prepare the ingredients needed. The fundamental step in baking

Cream Puffs in form of bird
Chiffon Cake (top) and Pineapple Pie (bottom)
Dark Chocolate Cupcakes
Spanish Bread sample from the baking demo
Ensaymada samples from the baking demo
Bread dough for pandesal. Let it rise (covered in cloth) before the actual baking
Focaccia topped with caramelized onion and pepper, from special demo by Chef John

If you’re looking for a baking and other culinary-related course, the Maya’s Kitchen is definitely a must go! It is good to interact with an experienced instructor and sometimes course mates, who will guide you in giving your desserts a better flavor. Another reason for appreciating this course is I gained some friends. It is a relief knowing that other adults still explore their passions as I’ve always been doing.

Basic Baking Class Batch July 09-12, 2013 with instructor Ms. Rory Quintos
The Maya Kitchen’s freebies sported by dearest plushies
Post-baking reads
And finally, my baking certificate!

For more inquiries about the course and center, kindly visit the Maya’s Kitchen website. There is more to this culinary art center than my blog can tell. 🙂


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